Design System

A free and open-source* tool for NGOs building WordPress websites.

includes resources to create user interfaces consistent with the Baseline principles, design language, and best practices.

*.bds coming soon.

Baseline is a Design System and WordPress theme designed to be a flexible foundation for many different types of websites. It has options for customizing colors, fonts, layout, and more — by default, it uses 350’s styles, but it can easily be customized to serve a wide variety of other purposes.

Baseline is created specifically for 350’s needs, and is only available on sites hosted by 350. This website uses Baseline!

The goals for Baseline are:

  • Easy to Customize (relatively) — people with some experience editing websites and a little basic HTML knowledge can use all the features of Baseline
  • Flexible foundation — a Baseline site can be used as a foundation for many different types of websites
  • Language-friendly — You can use Baseline to make a website in any language, as well as making sites in multiple languages.
  • Cross-browser compatible— Baseline should work equally well on a 17″ touchscreen, 11″ laptop, and 4″ mobile screen.